General terms:

The terms applicable to the repairs and services performed by NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL are those specified in this document and particularly those established in the detailed written quote prior to the repair or service. Under no circumstances will NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL accept the general terms of purchase of the customer for whom the repair or service is performed.

Prices correspond to the repair or service at our facility and, therefore, exclude shipping costs and taxes.

For all repairs and services, NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL will send the customer a free quote for the repair/service as soon as possible. The customer must accept this quote in writing before work begins . If the customer does not accept the quote and the corresponding merchandise is at the NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL facilities, it will be returned** at no cost to the customer.

Once the quote is accepted, and taking into consideration the complexity of the work, NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL reserves the right to modify the price, in which case the customer will be informed as soon as possible.  If the customer does not accept the new price, the corresponding merchandise will be returned** at no cost to the customer.

Merchandise repairs do not include software customisation, programming, configuration, or parameterisation services.

NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL invariably strives to return the merchandise to the customer with the same configuration and parameters with which it was received. The customer must check the merchandise configuration and parameters prior to use, as changes may have occurred in the course of the work carried out.

For repairs, customers must provide NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL with all the elements necessary to ensure proper operation and access to the merchandise (ie: access code, if any).

Repairs are guaranteed for one (1) year (from the dispatch date, or when the repaired merchandise is sent to the customer for the first time). This repair warranty includes all the components of the repaired merchandise (those replaced and those not replaced).

It excludes subsequent defects caused by the misuse of the user (ie: incorrect installation, memory failure, etc.), as well as those precipitated by external causes (ie: storms, surges, water damage, vandalism, etc.).

By their very nature, programming, configuration, parameterisation, customisation, code calculation, etc., have no guarantee once proper functioning is confirmed by the customer.

For customers who use orders in their purchases from suppliers, the repaired merchandise will not be sent without prior receipt of the official purchase order.

Customers will incur the cost of shipping merchandise to our offices. Packages sent by customers freight collect will not be accepted.

Customers may request that NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL collect merchandise under warranty free of charge, in which case NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL will employ its own transport carrier**. When exercising their warranty rights, customers may send the repaired merchandise to NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL by their own means of transport (in which case, customers will incur the cost).

Unless otherwise indicated by the customer, once the work (repair or service) is completed, the merchandise will be returned to the customer via uninsured shipping** (at the customer’s risk) and the cost thereof will be added to the invoice, meaning, NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL is not liable for loss or damage during transport.

NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL reserves the right not to ship the customer’s merchandise, but rather to request that the customer employ their own means of transport to collect it, in which case the customer will be notified in order that their preferred transport carrier can collect the merchandise. Similarly, customers can always opt to use their own means of transport to collect the merchandise.

For repairs and services under warranty, NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL will return the merchandise to the customer at no cost by uninsured shipping** (at the customer’s risk).

There will be no charge for the repair of merchandise deemed “unreparable”.

In the case of merchandise under warranty in need of repair that is deemed “unreparable” by NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL, the customer will be reimbursed in full for the previously invoiced repair costs.

For URGENT / EXPRESS repairs, repaired merchandise will be shipped 1-3 business days after receipt or acceptance of the quote, whichever is later. Subject to the availability of supplies and personnel.

STANDARD repairs have an approximate shipping period of 21 calendar days from receipt of the merchandise or acceptance of the quote, whichever is later.

Merchandise associated with services will be shipped 1-3 business days after receipt or acceptance of the quote, whichever is later. Subject to the availability of supplies and personnel.

NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL reserves the right to extend the delivery period once the merchandise is examined and the complexity of the work has been determined, in which case the customer will be notified in writing. If the customer does not accept the new delivery period, the merchandise will be deemed “unreparable”.

Replaced parts will remain in the possession of NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL. If a written repair report is required, it must be requested in writing when sending the merchandise to be repaired. An additional cost of €15 / item of merchandise will apply.

The merchandise to be repaired must be sent together with the shipping form, indicating the number of items sent, their description, serial numbers, whether the repair is standard or urgent, a summary of the damage, and contact information for the return of the merchandise.

NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL is not liable for claims of personal injury or material damage—to third parties or the entity for which the products are repaired—or services that may be the result of breakage, defect or other incident caused by lifts or lifting systems in which the repaired goods are used, these instances being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer. Nor will the repair or service of the aforementioned merchandise grant NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL the status of a company maintaining any lift components for the purposes of the special legislation applicable thereto, with no safety components having been repaired or serviced in any way.

These general terms of sale are governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish Law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid, Spain, where the registered office of NINTEC ELECTRONICS SL is located. Both contracting parties, waiving all other applicable legislation and venue other than the aforementioned, expressly accept this agreement. In the event of a dispute in the interpretation of any clause, the Spanish version will prevail.

**Standard shipping is uninsured (at the customer’s risk) with 14-hr. service to destinations on the Spanish mainland, 24-hr. service to the Balearic Islands, maritime service to the Canary Islands, and ground transport (3-5 days) for the rest of Europe. Customers can request the use of their own means of transport for the collection of products. Goods are considered delivered to the customer when entrusted to the carrier.

In accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Act (Ley Orgánica de la Protección de Datos con Carácter Personal), its implementing Regulation, and the GDPR, Nintec Electronics SL ensures the confidentiality of its customers’ personal data. This data is part of a database, the sole purpose of which is to provide the services requested. If you wish to exercise your rights, please write to Nintec Electronics SL, Avenida Democracia 7, local 113, 28031 Madrid, Spain or email