Express repairs in 24-72h or standard repairs in 21 days

One-year warranty

Repairs verified in test rigs

No fix, No fee

Your most reliable alternative to the manufacturer’s repair

We repair models from all major brands

*If you cannot find the model or brand you are looking for

Peace of mind for you and your customers – full 1-year warranty

You and your customers can rest easy because we offer a 1-year warranty* on all our repairs, including all internal parts of the board or drive.

Our commitment is to deliver the board or drive in a perfect working condition.

We not only repair the specific fault, but we also change many internal components susceptible to wear, in order to extend the part’s life.

*The repair warranty is not a comprehensive insurance policy. It does not include elements unrelated to the repair (subsequent failures due to damage caused by water, storms, vandalism, improper connection of the part by the customer, etc).

Test-shaft verified

We are specialists in lifts. We only repair those lift boards and drives that we understand perfectly.

Our R+D department has studied the lift control system of every board and drive we repair. Specific test shafts have been designed and built to ensure they operate properly.

After repair, the part is subjected to several hours of fatigue testing before it is considered correct.

The importance of not being alone – installation support

Many of our customers entrust their repairs to us because of the support we provide when they install and start-up the repaired board or drive.

Installing the board or drive can be a very complicated process; not only can the board or drive fail, but there may be issues with external elements (shaft, memories, configuration).

Should the repaired part fail to correct the problem, our engineers will help you diagnose the issue and find out which external element (shaft, configuration, etc.) is at fault.

Urgent solutions when needed

We can repair your board or drive in a short period of time. Urgent service for a quick solution is available.

Once we have received the part and you have accepted the written estimate, we will start immediately on the repair

The repaired part can be returned to you within 24-72 hours, provided it has successfully passed all of our verification tests.

We also offer standard repair service for non-rush jobs. Parts are typically repaired and returned within 15-21 days from receipt of the part and acceptance of the written estimate (whichever occurs later).

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay

If the part cannot be repaired, you pay nothing. This allows us to provide you and your customers peace of mind, knowing you will incur no cost for attempted repairs.

Should you return a board or drive within the warranty period and we are unable to repair it, we will refund the amount of the initial repair.

Lift specialists – Other services

Nintec Electronics is a lift specialist. We rely on a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of the lift control systems we work with.

This allows us to offer our clients other services, such as, Access code computation, factory reset, OEM customization service, programming, tech support by phone, etc.

Customer reviews

Our main diference, our test rigs

All our repairs are verified in specific test rigs to ensure the correct functioning of the repaired parts. We also carry out preventive maintenance to extend the life of the repaired parts.

This allows us to offer a one-year warranty that includes all the internal components of the PCB or drive.

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